Friends of the Lamberton Public Library

Who Are the Friends of the Library and What Do They Do?

Friends are citizens who know that any community becomes a better community when its libraries are improved.

They raise funds to support enhancement and expansion of public library services. They host book sales, cultural programs and specialized workshops for the community.

The work (and play) of a Friends group is as varied as its membership, and the scope of its projects limited only by those members' imaginations.

Most of all, though, Friends stand ready to volunteer their time, talents and funds to promote, improve and expand library services - and to improve the quality of life in their community.

Why Should I Join the Friends?

Our library can - and should - touch the life of every member or our community, from the preschooler to the senior citizen. Without your support and help that just isn't possible. The library needs you on its team.

With you on our team, we gain a valuable ally in our quest to reach a common goal - making our public library the best it can be. If you want to share in that goal, we want you on the team.

Anyone can join a Friends group by completing the membership form to the right and returning it to the library along with your dues.

What are My Responsibilities as a Friend?

That's up to you. We want you to be as involved in the Friends - and in your library - as you want to be. Meetings are held every other month, special events are organized throughout the year, and some pro-jects are ongoing. But you decide for yourself what your participation will be.

You may choose to support the group by supporting financially, but not participating actively - you may want to assist only with fundraising events - or you may choose to become totally involved - attending meetings, directing projects, etc. Whatever the role you choose, you will be welcomed and appreciated! Now isn't that just the perfect Friendship?